CoverPRO® 2000 combines the value-added performance of synthetic underlayment with the cost of 15 lb roofing felt. CoverPRO 2000 provides the features you demand for fast and simple installation and robust performance under all types of roofing. Manufactured from 100% synthetic materials, CoverPRO 2000 is the engineered solution that finally offers the performance you need, at a price competitive with 15 lb felt. Faster installation, better installed performance, a 20–year limited warranty and full-color Broadcast® custom printed advertising by WRALPLAB® makes CoverPRO 2000 the right choice for your next job.

Secure under foot, reliable over head. CoverPRO.

  • Safer: Asphalt saturated felt can be slippery and potentially unsafe underfoot; CoverPRO's proprietary non-woven walking surface improves roof deck walkability in all conditions.
  • Easier: Each 10 square roll weighs approximately 20 lbs. and is attached with standard roof nails (plastic caps not needed) so getting CoverPRO 2000 on the roof and attached is simple, less expensive and fast.
  • Stronger: CoverPRO 2000's unique triple layer construction makes it 25 times stronger than #15 roofing felt. It requires significantly fewer fasteners and provides a tough, durable deck cover regardless of weather conditions.
  • Gray Color: Provides a comfortable working surface in all temperatures and an excellent background for your extra large (up to 30" tall/unlimited width) full color custom printed logo, phone number, web site or other advertisement.
  • Advertise: Bigger and bolder with Broadcast Custom Print – the easiest way to get leads or earn paid advertising revenue during your project. With Broadcast Custom Print your individual logo, phone number, web address and any other advertisements can be featured on the same roll with individual images more than 2 feet tall and 10 feet wide. Broadcast Custom Print offers the largest, most vivid job site advertising in the industry.
  • Features and Benefits:
    • 25x stronger than #15 roofing felt
    • 150% more coverage per roll than traditional #15 felt
    • 11% more coverage per course than traditional #15 felt
    • 20 Year Limited Warranty (see website for warranty details
    • Non-woven walking surface feels like traditional felt underfoot
    • Less weight per roll means easier to handle during installation
    • Cool Gray surface will reduce heat build-up on hot days
    • Superior lay-flat properties; will not wrinkle or absorb water
    • Sustainability – may contribute to LEED and NGBP ratings
    • Remains flexible and easy to install in cold climates
    • 100% synthetic construction – will not rot or mold
    • 60 Day UV exposure rating
    • Class A fire rating

Why Choose CoverPRO 2000?

CoverPRO 2000 is lighter, cleaner, stronger and much faster to install than standard felt.

Jobs install faster with fewer callbacks with CoverPRO 2000. A standard roll of CoverPRO 2000 weighs just 19.2 pounds and covers 10 squares, making installation far faster than conventional 15 lb felt. CoverPRO 2000 is 25 times stronger than 15lb felt and will not wrinkle, warp or lose strength when exposed to rain. Traditional felt underlayments cannot offer these performance advantages when installed or left exposed to the elements.


CoverPRO 2000 outperforms other synthetic underlayments in its grade category.

CoverPRO 2000 is engineered with high strength, light weight and enhanced anti-slip properties, making it the more reliable, versatile, and user friendly choice. Multi layer construction and a rough fiber surface makes it tough, durable and easier to walk in a variety of weather conditions.. And because it's available with the most comprehensive custom printing in the industry, CoverPRO 2000 can be a powerful advertising and lead-generation tool.

To learn how to transform your CoverPRO 2000 order into a multi-colored, multi-messaging space with endless revenue-generating possibilities, visit the custom printing page.

Visit the Technical Library for data, warranty, and installation guidelines.